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Community Foundation Performance: Bridging Community Resources and Needs

Chao Guo and William A. Brown

This study draws on organizational ecology perspective to explore the environmental and organizational factors associated with the performance of community foundations. Performance was conceptualized as fiscal efficiency and grant-making performance. Analysis was conducted on a national survey of 117 community foundations. Results revealed that increased organizational density was positively associated with fiscal efficiency but negatively associated to grant-making performance. Specialist foundations (i.e., foundations that serve a smaller sized community and those with smaller asset size) outperformed their generalist counterparts in fiscal efficiency and grant-making performance. The percentage of unrestricted funds was negatively associated with fiscal efficiency but not grant-making generosity. Board performance was positively associated with fiscal efficiency but not grant-making generosity.

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 35, no. 2 (2006): 267-287

Major Issues Affecting Performance in Regional Collaboration

Muhittin Acar and Chao Guo

The current paper aims to provide both scholars and practitioners with an “analytical tool”, or a “checklist” of sort to think thoroughly the critical determinants of “collaborative performance” as well as the most appropriate criteria for evaluating it. We identify and discuss, albeit with varying degrees of detail and depth, the following as the most critical, or major issues affecting the performance in and of regional collaborative undertakings: Rationales, Roadmaps, Rules, Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships, Resources, Risks, Rewards, and Reviews. Our main argument is that these ten issues or factors, taken together, constitute most critical, or major elements of many different types of collaborative arrangements. In other words, depending upon how they are dealt with, these ten components, by and large, might determine the shape and content of the debate about collaborative performance.

Studia Regionalia 18, (2006): 94-102