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Managing Heritage Volunteers: An Exploratory Study of Volunteer Programs in Art Museums Worldwide

Damian Stamer, Kimberly Lerdall and Chao Guo

This study addresses the paucity of research on volunteer management in art museums and heritage attractions. Based on the results of surveys and interviews with volunteers and managers from international art museums, it identifies three sets of promising practices that appear to increase the performance of volunteer programmes: (1) building a community of volunteers; (2) enhancing volunteers’ learning experiences; and (3) fostering the self-management of volunteers. Taken together, these practices offer evidence for the value of the ‘serious leisure’ concept in the theory and practice of volunteer management.

Journal of Heritage Tourism 3, no. 3 (2008): 203-214

Accountability When Hierarchical Authority is Absent:  Views from Public-Private Partnership Practitioners

Muhittin Acar, Chao Guo and Kaifeng Yang

What function does accountability serve in public–private partnerships where one partner has no authority over others and no control over results? This article aims to shed light on this question by studying participants of partnerships formed between K-12 public schools and private and/ or nonprofit organizations. Findings support the notion that accountability plays a greater role in public management than indicated by the idea of answerability. Five potential functions of accountability are identified: mapping and manifesting expectations, mobilizing and motivating (ex-ante), monitoring and measuring progress and performance, modifying, and mobilizing and motivating (ex-post).

The American Review of Public Administration 38, no. 1 (2008): 3-23