Civil Society, Chinese Style: The Rise of the Nonprofit Sector in Post-Mao China

Chao Guo, J. Xu, D.H. Smith and Zhibin Zhang

Editors’ Note:

It is easy to forget and let lie fallow the great democratic potential of nonprofits in the United States. We have listened for years to U.S. nonprofit leaders bemoan while overstating the limits that are placed on advocacy potential, using it as an excuse not to work with their communities to ensure that public policy meets community need. But have we lost perspective on what the value of freedoms exercised regularly really are? This article has been on our minds for a while as we tracked the development of civil society in China and the regulatory/political environment in which it has functioned. We urge every U.S. nonprofit leader to read this, because it is not only enormously interesting but also provides a vivid sense of what we need to protect and use.

The Nonprofit Quarterly 19, No. 3, (2012): 20-27