Managing Effectively in a Networked World

Muhittin Acar, Chao Guo and Gregory D. Saxton 

In an era of globalization, devolution, decentralization, the “New Governance,” advanced information and communications technology, and the growing complexity of public problems, public-private partnerships have become an increasingly popular vehicle for delivering services and generating solutions to our most pressing societal problems. Others have already discussed the growing use of partnership arrangements and looked at the benefits that derive from these arrangements. Here we are interested in something else—an elaboration of the specific skill sets managers need to excel in this increasingly decentralized, collaborative, and “networked” environment. Based on in-depth interviews with over two dozen educational partnership directors, we elaborate the nine key management skills, values, and attitudes that are essential for success in managing partnership arrangements.

The Public Manager 36, no. 2 (2007): 33-38