Book — Social Entrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating Social Value. Jossey-Bass.

Chao Guo and Wolfgang Bielefeld

Praise for Social Entrepreneurship:

“Guo and Bielefeld have written a masterful, comprehensive, theory-based, evidence-driven, cutting-edge guide that will be valuable to students and practitioners of the art and science of social entrepreneurship for years to come. A must-read for anyone interested in social problem solving and innovation in the public, nonprofit, or business sectors and in the networks and hybrid organizations that define the fields of action for contemporary social entrepreneurs.”
—Dennis R. Young, professor of public management and policy, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University

“Guo and Bielefeld have mastered the topic of social entrepreneurship for its current and future practitioners at the graduate and undergraduate levels. They have emphasized the organizational basis of social entrepreneurship that necessarily integrates the nonprofit, public, and commercial sectors. They have further utilized an evidence-based approach that delicately balances theory and practice.”
—Gordon E. Shockley, associate professor of social entrepreneurship, Arizona State University School of Community Resources & Development

“Guo and Bielefeld blend theory and practice in this important new addition to our understanding of the way social entrepreneurs create value for society. With the field of social entrepreneurship expanding quickly, there is a growing need for order amidst the creative chaos, and this book brilliantly fills that gap. Social Entrepreneurship successfully pulls together many of the field’s emergent ideas, tools, and frameworks into a tightly woven account of the process of conceiving, planning, launching, and expanding a social enterprise. This will become an essential point of reference for students, practitioners, and scholars interested in the intellectual and practical challenge of creating social impact.”
—Peter Frumkin, professor of social policy and faculty director, Center for High Impact Philanthropy, University of Pennsylvania