I currently teach the following two graduate-level courses at Penn SP2:

NPLD 784-001: The Nonprofit Sector: Concepts and Theories

Can you imagine a world without the nonprofit and voluntary sector? What would it be like? From health care to education, from serving the disadvantaged to protecting the environment, nonprofit organizations seem to have become an inseparable part of every aspect of our lives. They are so taken for granted that we seldom pause and reflect on the roles and functions of these organizations. This course will introduce you to the various roles that voluntary, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations play in American society. It will cover the theory, size, scope, and functions of the sector from multiple disciplinary perspectives including historical, political, economic, and social. It also has a “hidden agenda” – take this class to find out what the agenda is!

NPLD 786-001: Nonprofit Governance and Management

This course is about “doing good and doing well.” It will introduce you to the fundamental issues in accountability and governance and the administration and management in nonprofit organizations. Through research and analysis, you will understand multiple structures of accountability and the various stakeholders in nonprofits; understand the duties and dynamics of boards of directors in conjunction with other mechanisms of governance (e.g., chief executives, advisory boards, etc.); develop an understanding of management techniques and leadership skills for enhancing the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations. You will be asked to think about the challenges of running nonprofit organizations in a comparative context, with cases drawn from both the U.S. and abroad. The course is designed both for those who may have had years of experience managing other people and programs in the nonprofit sector, as well as for those from other sectors who aspire to a nonprofit leadership role.