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Exploring the Key Roles for Nonprofit Boards

William A. Brown and Chao Guo

This research note explores roles for nonprofit boards as described by 121 community foundation executives. Through content analysis, a synthesized list of 13 different roles were identified. The study considered institutional and organizational attributes such as environmental uncertainty and organizational complexity to explore the contingencies under which certain board roles become more prevalent. The roles were also matched to existing governance theories. The list not only reflects activities recognized by different theoretical models but also suggests conflicts in the way strategy is conceptualized and articulated as a governance task.

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 39, no. 3 (2010): 536-546

Government Funding and Community Representation on Nonprofit Boards: The Bargain We Strike

Chao Guo

A study conducted by the author indicates that reliance on government funding may have a negative impact on community representation within nonprofit boards, as these boards become increasingly populated by professional and social elites with ties to public funding agencies. The author suggests that the appointment of volunteers to a nonprofit’s board may help alleviate this problem, by simultaneously increasing community representation and improving board strength.

Nonprofit Quarterly 14, no. 4 (2007): 70-76