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At the Intersection of Two Worlds: Religion, Social Enterprise, and Partners in Christ International

Chao Guo, G. Shockley and R. Tang

In this study, we examine this new intersection of the two worlds of religion and social enterprise. Drawing upon the concept of “entrepreneurial orientation” (EO) from the business and social entrepreneurship literatures, we examine how the entrepreneurial orientation of religious nonprofit organizations manifests itself in the various programs and initiatives they design and implement. An in-depth case study has been conducted on Partners in Christ International (PICI), a Christian mission organization. Our findings show that the three dimensions of entrepreneurial orientation – proactiveness, innovativeness, and risk-taking – vary among three of the program initiatives that PICI has developed: 1) short-term mission trips, 2) forming alliances among indigenous churches, and 3) selling Nicaraguan coffee beans.  

International Journal on Philanthropy and Social Innovation 2, (2009):71-82