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Giving and Getting: Charitable Activity and Public Assistance

Chao guo and Laura R. Peck

This study assesses the extent to which welfare recipients engage in giving money and time to charitable causes. Using the 2003 Center on Philanthropy Panel Study data, this study examines the effects of public assistance—holding constant earned income and demographic traits—on two major types of charitable activities: charitable giving and volunteering. Using a Tobit specification, as appropriate for this type of data, the authors use a creative differencing strategy in an attempt to overcome sticky issues of selection bias. Evidence is found that public assistance receipt tends to suppress monetary donations but may increase volunteer time.

Administration & Society 41, no. 5 (2009): 600-627

Managing Heritage Volunteers: An Exploratory Study of Volunteer Programs in Art Museums Worldwide

Damian Stamer, Kimberly Lerdall and Chao Guo

This study addresses the paucity of research on volunteer management in art museums and heritage attractions. Based on the results of surveys and interviews with volunteers and managers from international art museums, it identifies three sets of promising practices that appear to increase the performance of volunteer programmes: (1) building a community of volunteers; (2) enhancing volunteers’ learning experiences; and (3) fostering the self-management of volunteers. Taken together, these practices offer evidence for the value of the ‘serious leisure’ concept in the theory and practice of volunteer management.

Journal of Heritage Tourism 3, no. 3 (2008): 203-214

Government Funding and Community Representation on Nonprofit Boards: The Bargain We Strike

Chao Guo

A study conducted by the author indicates that reliance on government funding may have a negative impact on community representation within nonprofit boards, as these boards become increasingly populated by professional and social elites with ties to public funding agencies. The author suggests that the appointment of volunteers to a nonprofit’s board may help alleviate this problem, by simultaneously increasing community representation and improving board strength.

Nonprofit Quarterly 14, no. 4 (2007): 70-76